Aligned for Mission Success

APG partners with industry leaders to ensure we deliver our customers the best service possible for their mission success. Learn more below how these partnerships can benefit your mission.

  • Key Commercial Partners—Amazon Web Services, Oracle, IBM, and Red Hat
  • System Integrator Partners— Raytheon, Boeing, more
  • Research & Development Partners— UARCs, FFRDCs

Key Commercial Partners

APG partners with many leading commercial hardware and software providers in developing and delivering solutions to our customers. Our key commercial partners include Oracle, IBM, and Red Hat. Our commitment, competency, and success in these partnerships is demonstrated by our having met or exceeded the following formal criteria:

  • Staff Competency
    APG retains and invests in a highly professional “evergreen” staff of certified Database Professionals and Software Engineers who draw upon their prior experience obtained at Oracle, IBM, and Red Hat.
  • Product Knowledge & Experience
    APG has supported a wide range of programs based on the latest Oracle, IBM, and Red Hat technologies. We understand the past, present and future perspectives on the application of COTS (and open source) software technology for mission critical systems.
  • “Honest Broker” Commitment
    APG is committed to offering our customers an honest and objective assessment of Oracle, IBM, and Red Hat enterprise software solutions and features, in accordance with their program/mission needs.
  • Corporate “Reach-Back” and Escalation
    APG has long-standing relationships with the product managers for various COTS product lines within Oracle, IBM, and Red Hat. This enables us to tap into technology forecasts for new capabilities/features based on recent industry mergers. In addition, our corporate experience enables us to quickly and properly escalate issues to ensure mission operations are minimally impacted by loss of service due to COTS software issues.

System Integrator Partners

Our system integrator partnerships enable us to provide our customers:

  • Reduced risk through collaboration and agile development
  • Direct linkages between leading-edge COTS and Open Source software solutions, Independent Research & Development (IRAD) and operational mission requirements
  • Leveraged cross-agency enterprise experience and proven design patterns
  • Maximized teaming opportunities for mission success.

R & D Partnerships

To continually help advance technology for missions of today and tomorrow, APG partners with and participates in several research and development programs including:

  • DoD University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs)
  • Federally Funded Research Centers (FFRDCs)